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Sales Specialist

WorkPlace:Phnom Penh,CambodiaWorkExperience:1-3年


  u  Responsible for achieving market sales targets, and making forecasts according to market conditions..

u  Develop new customers and maintain relationships.

u  Responsible for the work related to customer inquiry and quotation.

u  Responsible for data collation,summarization,analysis and making monthly, quarterly and annual reports accordingly.

u  Propose and participate in the formulation and revision of plansabout sales products and customer development.

u  Responsible for improvement and maintenance of sales service .



E-mail: hr@bayonairlines.com

Phone number: 023 5100 666


Job requirements:

  ²  Proficiency in office software.

²  Skillful in communication.

²  Able to communicate in Simple Chinese.

²  Good executive ablility.



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