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Ground Service

WorkPlace:Phnom Penh International AirportWorkExperience:--


1. On-site ground support for base and outstation;

2. Proper arrangements for passengers in the event of flightdelays or cancellations;

3. Ground service support for VIP customer and guest;

4. Coordinating with relevant departments of the airport;

5. Issue settlement for check-in baggage damage or lost;

6. Assist Commercial Department in signing ground handlingagreement and catering agreement;

7. Respond to customer inquiries and complaints; passengercomplaints settlement;

8. Provide available payload data to Cargo division;

9. Responsible for supervision of loading and unloading;

10. Responsible for ordering and retrieving in-flight meals;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by company leaders andassist related departments to perform their functions

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Job requirements:

1. Male

2. Able to work on the night shift

3. Good at Communication. Good at team working.



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