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Revenue management specialist

WorkPlace:Phnom PenhWorkExperience:--


1. To manage the seat inventory;

2. To analyze, forecast andevaluate sales opportunities and take proper actions;

3. To allocate seat allotmentsfor group and FIT with proper pricing;

4. To control group sales, followup with group bookings, ticketing;

5. To minimize seat spoilage withoverbooking strategy, bundled sales and Queue cleaning;

6. Yield analysis: to analyzesales data and come up with flight optimization options.

Job requirements:

1. BA degree;

2. Fluent in English, FluentChinese is preferable;

3. Industry experience ispreferable.

4.Computer literate in basicoffice software

5. Please download, fill in the attached Application Form and send it to hr@bayonairlines.com   /uploadfiles/2017/03/Application Form UPDATE.doc



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